January 30th, 2005: This Birthday’s Gonna Be da’ Bomb!

For a Man With A Whole Lotta Heart (Problems)
“Suicide bombs and mortars killed at least 27 people, but voters still came out in force for the first multi-party poll in 50 years. In some places they cheered with joy at their first chance to cast a free vote, in others they shared chocolates.” – Iraqis Brave Bombs to Vote in Their Millions, Reuters, Jan. 30, 2005.
“Mr. Cheney was born in Lincoln, Nebraska, on January 30, 1941 and grew up in Casper, Wyoming…” – White House bio
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Poor Cheney, having to worry that troop levels might come down, and on his birthday to. Not that any troops will go home, but if they do, what will he tell his buddies at Haliburton?

maybe george, donnie, and condi got together and gave him that israeli air strike on iran he was hinting about on tv last week…happy birthday, dick!!

oh, and, btw, horns…
just wanted to tell you before you come swaggering in here, i am truly inspired and astonished at the news coming out of iraq today.
seeing millions of people walking to the polling places and defying the threat of violence moved me very much. i remember september 12, 2001 when bush told us all to go about our daily lives and not live in fear of the violence that had just brought our country to its knees. i remember never feeling more connected to my fellow citizens as an american. i hold a cautious optimism for, and feel a special kinship with the people of iraq.
so please don’t accuse me of having a small mind, as you did when you quoted kennedy, or compare those of us who disagree with the administration’s policies or actions to spoiled kids who blame their parents for their own failures. that one really doesn’t make any sense to me. i admire my parents who both struggled up through poverty to become very successful, and the greatest lesson they ever taught me was to NEVER spoil me.
what i am concerned about now is the fact that bush has been handed his “victory”, he can really start to push his domestic agenda even more vigorously.
his stewardship of the country’s economy and labor markets have been abyssmal over the last four years, asian banks hold the majority of our debt and are beginning to look down on the dollar, and he wants to push through legislation to add trillions of dollars onto that debt.
He sank over 200 billion dollars into a war whose original rationale turned out to be false. not one single person in his administration has ever been held accountable nor admitted to any mistakes. i’m not even going to mention the cost in human lives, both coalition and iraqi.
and, nameless soldier, i hope and pray that by the time you are scheduled to be deployed to iraq, that even though there were virtually no sunni votes cast today, that the newly elected shiite and kurd officials can do their best in working to bring ALL iraqis into the process. i mean, its not like they were oppressed by the minority for the last 30 years or anything, right?
in a tribal society, vendettas are pretty much smoothed over, right? hope the kurds arent still mad about that whole gassing thing.
hopefully you will be providing security and working side by side with un peacekeepers and european troops (maybe we can draw up a new “coalition of the willing” list, that old one seems sooo 2003) instead of being caught in the middle of a civil war…
those 300 tons of explosives are still out there, right? or did we forget about them sometime in november?
so will you join me, horns, in wishing our brave soldier the best? and also wishing the budding democracy in iraq all the best for the future?
i certainly hope so.

that was a good “pre-emptive” strike. And thanks for the good wishes.

any time, soldier. it makes me proud to know that you will fulfill your duty helping those poeple establish self-rule, in whatever form it eventually takes. it’s also a shame that those who scream “freedom” the loudest will always resort to name-calling and put-downs simply because not all of us regurgitate the same gop or foxnews talking points of the day, especially to sink so low as to call you a sympathizer for those very same insurgents you may be facing in a battle…sad.

there is sympathizing for the insurgents in Soldiers posts.
do you need me to link it? – go read it.
he is desperately trying to single out a part of the insurgency from the part who kills women, children and non muslims indiscruiminately.
my question to this is:
what exactly have the inrugents done other than kill women children americans, non muslims and progressive iraqis?
what have they done?
who is this phantom sect of the insurgency?
do they have a website?
a procclamation?
a letter of intent?
there’s no silent minority of the insurgency who want whats best for AIRaq. the isurgency has done nothing but kill anyone connected to America or not supporting an islamic state with brutal Sharia law.
i judge the insurgency by their actions and i take them at their word. some of us are intent on living in fantasy land.
Minatour, i’m glad i’m on your mind.

The winner is Allawi!
Wait, he’s wearing a mask…
The winner is Chalabi!
Wait, he’s got a mask on…
The winner is Karzai!
Wait, there’s another mask…
The winner is Sadaam!
Another mask…
It’s the Shah, it’s Diem!
etc al.

Forget the courageous voters, it’s the *candidates* who’ve got the real cojones.
Good luck to ’em, poor bastards. I’m totally against this vicious invasion we’ve propagated, but let’s hope some good can come from evil.

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