And Now for Something Important…

Cheney Criticized for Attire at Auschwitz Ceremony, Reuters
Cheney’s Attire Draws Ire, CBS News
Cheney criticized for Auschwitz attire, Swissinfo
Fashion Writer Tsks Cheney’s Wardrobe Malfunction, FOX News
Dick Cheney, Dressing Down, Washington Post
Cheney Under Fire For Attire At Auschwitz Ceremony, Jackson Channel
Oh, and some other issues of note:
Five US soldiers, eight Iraqis killed in pre-election attacks, Turkish Press

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These people are savages [what the kids call assholes]. Honor and dignity are not concepts they understand. War and greed are the two heads of the snake they worship. Cheney probably thinks everybody should just be glad he showed up. Or maybe he just wanted to seem as big as possible because of his mortal fear of mountain lion attack.

you know, I hate Dick Cheney as much as the next guy (provided the next guy isn’t hornsofthedevil), but this is the stupidest friggin’ uproar I’ve ever seen.
They’re mad that he wore a flash coat to Auschwitz, so instead of focusing on the Holocaust Memorial and the whole FUCKING POINT, they focus on hating dick cheney.
The world: she’s topsy turvy

that coat is the single biggest slap in the face to the memory of the Shoah since they hung disco balls from the chimneys and had a hootenanny to raise funds for a new collection box.
cheney wearing that coat is like a monkey with seven heads and death ray vision cutting off my penis and feeding to me. then making dance by shooting death rays at my feet.
imagine the tsunami but instead of water, the waves are made of poisonous, very agitated snakes! that’s what that coat is like!

DICK CHENEY, wearing that coat is worse than anything Hitler every even dreamed of doing in his worst, sadomasochistic fantasies.
It completely ruined the entire holocaust memorial for every single person who participated.

“DICK CHENEY, wearing that coat is worse than anything Hitler every even dreamed of doing in his worst, sadomasochistic fantasies.”
oh yeeeeaaah.
like, totally.

welcome to sarcasm horns. If you just glance up two posts you’ll be able to discern that I’m kidding.
have a great weekend.

He looks like he’s going ice fishing instead of representing our nation at a somber memorial to a horribly tragic time. I mean c’mon, I’ve seen construction workers with more decent looking boots!! And why is he even wearing work boots?
I think he really was out shovelling snow until an aide came along and said “uh sir, there’s this ceremony we have to go to.” I thought he was attending a football game til I read the whole story.

Cheney needs some help from Queer Eye for the Straight Guy. But Cheney is a cons. So, I don’t think Cheney will be willing to accept the much needed help.

I basically agree with everyone here, if thats possible. It was horrible of Cheney to dress like that for such a somber event. On the other hand, this day has been spent reaming him for how he dressed instead of remembering the millions of innocent people that lost their lives in the holocaust. Also horns, jessica was clearly being sarcastic. I mean, come one. I, for one, think you are more intellegent than that.

i often post in a hurry and i see now that you were being sarcastic. let me elaborate:
if i could draw a screw and a ball on a flag i would.
alas, this is how i express my thoughts after immersing myself in Volume II of the Looney Tunes collection on DVD.

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