The Louise Post Post

Veruca Salt’s Louise Post goes Anna Nicole Smith.
From Willy Wonka’s I Want It Now, sung by Veruca Salt (the character, not the band):

I want a feast
I want a bean feast
Cream buns and donuts and fruitcake with no nuts
So good you could go nuts
I want a ball
I want a party
Pink macaroons and a million balloons
And performing baboons
Give it to me

(Thanks Erin)

12 replies on “The Louise Post Post”

Serves that bitch right. I worked backstage at one of her concerts and she was a grade A royal jagoff. I hope she explodes. Whore.

darn it. I guess there really is no comeuppance for the famous.
:: kicking dirt ::

of course you were a tech. now it all makes perfect sense. wearing all black, pushing set pieces around, receiving the talents gum right before they go on. the bitterness of the techy is universal.

tech! Never so glorious. I was a promotions assistant. The lackey bitch of everyone at the concert. But I got free tickets and got to meet a lot of famous assholes, so it was worth it.

Yeah, I was a tech at one of their shows, and I wholeheartedly agree with jessica. Bitch. And I don’t think I was that bitter, I had lots of good experiences with that type of person, just not her.

Went to high school with Weezie. She was WAY too smart, a hell of a cheerleader, actually dated a black guy for a while, her brother ERIC was the brooding artist..she was pretty ‘straight’…
When VERU got big for a moment, it blew me away that she was even INTo music…
She was also a hell of an artist…
I hope she gets small again, shows you the power of stress in a persons life.

Man if they tried to put that blimp in those bungee cords like in the Volcano Girls video they would snap for sure. how did such a hot broad turn into such a moose?

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