I Almost Drowned, But They Saved Me (and Then I Lost My Pants)

America’s Funniest Rescue Video
You gotta watch this dramatic real-time video (QT) of a guy being saved from the Los Angeles river from (Or, choose your preferred version here.)
Now, try watching while listening to the music from The Benny Hill Show.
And before you get mad at me, the guy was okay.
Update: Turns out video is for CNN Premium subscribers only. Damn, but it was so funny.

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That’s a pay site you linked to. You probably pay for CNN Premium, but not everyone else does.

Hey K Nolte, I don’t pay for CNN. I can see the footage for free on two separate browsers.
Maybe your browser’s not configured to view the QuickTime video.

I can’t see it either. on either IE5.5 or Firefox 0.something.
Just get the Pay-site/ page.
(and, yes, the QT plugin is installed)
Oh well.

Alright, folks. I tried it on a third browser using a different video player and I can still watch it for free. I’ve now watched in QuickTime on Camino and Safari, and in Windows Media on Internet Explorer. There was, I’m sad to report, a premium ad pop-up in IE, but the video opened behind it.
Oh, and just now, I watched it in Real on IE, again for free.

Some broadband service providers get free access to CNN. If you’re on Roadrunner for example, you get in, no problem.
Everybody else must do the trial or the superpass.

Jason is right. If you subscribe to any Time-Warner related broadband cable service (such as roadrunner) you get free access. Nice little perk.

I’m passing out of respect. I was in a car accident a few years ago and had my pants cut off of me in front of a crowd of onlookers. It was bad enough to have 20 or so people see that; I would have shot myself if it was CNN’s viewing audience.

I agree with Jen. This footage, along with footage of another person being rescued who lost her pants has been replayed several times on the local stations in LA. I’m not completely humorless, but these people came very close to losing their lives and a cheap laugh at their expense is in extremely poor taste.

maybe a hug. and some ritalin. with hydrocodone. and an IV drip of bourbon. and a high-stepping line of hooded detainees singing ‘springtime for graner’. and perhaps a japanese animation of connor peterson floating around heaven holding hands with several soggy, but happy indonesian kids. maybe when they take me in, they’ll forget to search me, and i’ll be the most popular vid-byte on the whole internet because of the nonspectacular way in which i shuffle off.

I think the least Matt could do, by way of apology, is a pantsless re-enactment.
Now where did I put that high-pressure hose…

At first, I felt a little sorry for the guy. But then I found out that he is an eye surgeon and that his totaled car was a BMW. Then I wasn’t so sorry he lost his pants on the tee vee.

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