Super Fun “Building Wreckage and Loss-of-Life” Quiz: Evildoers or Act of God?

ANSWER: Act of God, as evidenced by the Indonesian survivors’ wearing shorts, which implies some sort of divine justice wreaked upon those enjoying good weather right now
ANSWER: Trick question! Act of God, though manifested in that “terrorists seeking spiritual redemption and/or the annihilation of the West” manner
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4 replies on “Super Fun “Building Wreckage and Loss-of-Life” Quiz: Evildoers or Act of God?”

it is tragic. when i hear of the harrowing experiences of vacationers whose tropical funtime was ruined by that damn wave- well, it gives me pause to reflect on how lucky i am that i vacationed in pasadena this year. imagine! having to come home early. the loss of precious luggage. the pain and misery of alternate accomodations. i just hope those plucky foriegners bounce back from their ‘adversity’ soon. we’ve got reservations in may and i don’t want to change them.

that’s what hurts the most, really. the loss of beautiful people. i mean, look at the pictures of the natives with their faces contorted with grief. eeeesh. who’s gonna miss a whole generation of that?
and weren’t most of these people moooslims? i think god is speaking very clearly here. those islands needed to be cleared out for pretty christians to settle.

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