Portraits of Liberation (from an inexhaustible series, natch)


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My favorite picture is the one with Santa Clause. What? Muslims don’t celebrate Christmas? What’s that? Santa Clause represents the very depraved materialism that many Muslims despise about Western society?

oh yes, their society is SOOO pious and admirable.
…with the honor killings and women relegated to property and the jihad and fatwa.
i would just LOOOVE to go back in time and that why i revere the onl;y religion that has refused to make concessions with the modern world..
Oh, i almost forgot about the genital mutilation. thats the best part! cut the clits off of little girls so they can never enjoy sex.
i’m so ashamed of our materialism… aren’t you?

and the “NAMELESS soldier”?
he gets a free pass….
jeez lousie.
i’ll give you my waistline: 32

Both Nameless soldier with your kindness of heart and hornsofthedevil with your castigation of Muslims,are wrong. That Santa Clause may have been the onlyone providing at least some good food to those hungry for God knows how long. And yes the Muslims are a very illiterate, backward, confused and pathetically ignorant and impoverished people , but all the bad things which hornsofthedevil(why this name?)accuses them of -is tribal customs-nothing to do with Islam except Jihad which means striving to preserve your faith in God and enunciating HIS supremacy over all the overlords of the world even at the cost of his life.They can and will, given the chance by the West make every concession to the modern world EXCEPT that a large number of them will never lose their unshakeable faith in God, the day of judgement and the belief that no matter how horrible the life here be,it could never come even close to the eternal burning and pain of Hell.Why don’t you read their book Quran. Its quite revealing.

I never said that Islam was perfect, I disagree with a lot of it, but is it really necessary to expect them to except Santa Clause, a symbol of both a religion and a culture that many of them see as opposite what they are trying to achieve. Also, a huge portion of the bad things about Islam are propegated by an overly-pious minority. Sort of like Jerry Falwell.

I hate to do this because I hate it when people do it to me, but it really is such a pet peeve.
His name is SANTA CLAUS
NO E ON THE END. He is not a sentence fragment, his name is CLAUS, like KLAUS

actually, if you follow the link through the picture, the caption reads that the people are some of iraq’s 800,000 christians looking to buy christmas decorations. of course, it doesn’t surprise me that its santa and not jesus so prominently displayed in the store.
happy holidays!!!

And yes the Muslims are a very illiterate, backward, confused and pathetically ignorant and impoverished people
Excuuuuuse me? F*ck if I’m a member of a so-called “illiterate, backward, confused and pathetically ignorant and impoverished people”
Thank you for your mighty defense of the Islamic religion. Now, go look up real life in your world atlas.
Yes, in the majority of the rural areas in asia are “impoverished”, as you would so say, but most of asia is not MUSLIM!!! Religion has absolutely nothing to do with your social environment. Most people in the Middle East are so anti-western because the only experinece that they have had is either when one of them was blowing up their house, or when they were listening to a public figure exagerate on how they will come and blow up their house. Go figure, and you expect them to just come up and looove you??? Maybe if the U.S. spent a little more time reflecting on the reste of the billions and billions of people out there that are affected by its actions, they wouldn’t have to deal with it later by kicking everyone’s ass.

One other thing that pissed me off. So, female circumsicion is just soooooo much worse than expecting a women to spend thousands of dollars painting her face with stuff that has all sorts of crap and chemicals in it, wearing shoes that will ultimately kill her back, wear clothes that look like they’ve been painted onto her skin, just so that she can become the ideal sex idol for her man back home who is busy guzzling beer.
Circumsicion is wrong, but its not half as wide spread as is portrayed by the media, nor is it solely a “Muslim” custom. Many religions do it because in their opinion, its the only way to keep a set of morals around there. Many other tribes and ethnicities circumsise their females, and if anyone would actually bother to find out what Islam really advocated without listening to western media shit or eastern propagands crap, then maybe we’d all get along a little better.

i totally agree. wearing jimmy choos and smearing your brow with clinique is far more damaging than being held down by your loved ones and having your clit scooped out by a sharpened melon-baller. really, let’s have a little sympathy here for the modern western woman. i mean do those silly little foreign girls even know what trouble orgasms are? i wish my dad had taken me behind the shed and lopped off my glans when i was a kid. would have kept me in line. damn straight.

Who gives a shit about some slit’s clit? They’re ours to do with as we please. They should be grateful we let them swallow our cum. If we decide to cut or whip them, that’s their lot as inferiors.
As for these Islamic scum, I think it’s long past time to recognize the solution: Nuke them all. Yeah, we’ll kill some innocents, but it’s them or us, and I vote for us. They want a Jihad? Let’s give it to them. Fry their worthless camel-jockey asses! I for one will laugh as CNN shows videos of them, wrapped in filthy pieces of cloth, moaning in pain as their skin oozes away. Death to Islam!

I honestly don’t know if most of you are sarcastic or really believe what you are saying.
MUSLIMS are a backward? have you ever met an evangelical christian? well, i’m supposing you have as you appear to be one yourself.
the beliefs of others aren’t wrong. what’s wrong is assuming that your beliefs are the best and not accepting anyone else’s point of view – that’s deadly.
materialism is how we function, but it’s no party. christmas aint about jesus. its about money. and hot chocolate.
i don’t fucking understand you. female circumcision is harsh. yes. but women have been subservient in many cultures for years and just because a handful of muslims haven’t progressed as far as you, almighty knowledgable ones, doesn’t mean all muslims are bad! i’m a woman, i’m quite fond of my clit, but seriously. can’t you be educated without being angry?
BTW, the jokes aren’t funny. And do you not see the pictures of fires, corpses and death? That’s what the islamic people see every day. They don’t see women’s rights, comfortable living standards, and all the things you enjoy without any thought. They see murderers with distorted values. I understand that.
“kicking ass” is OBVIOUSLY not the right response either! Haven’t you ever seen west side story? retribution and revenge aren’t going to get you anything but a really really depressed Maria.
I seriously hope that I am freaking out over nothing and that this was some sort of sarcasm that I just can’t understand. Please let it be that I am the one with the smaller brain capacity.

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Peace Loving Canadian Good Guy

look ur really know noting about islam!! am muslim ok and we dont celebrate Christmas!! we celebrate lots of things wich it means something at least!! we celebrate Eid(eave) its a day they give us money from reall ppl not some presents from an imaginary guy who u call santa clause!!We think ur insane to think a guy go around the world in 1 day everytime!!???we watch some of ur movies we think of it as a comedy movie really weird!
look seconnd pic is heart breaking u think its funny!!!! how could u think its funny!if it did happend 2 u?? u will be crying and dying and hating us!! well to be honest i didnt hate u!! but u made me hate u Cuz u killed our familys and made wars in our lands!! just becuz u think ur right!!
well anyway!!
all we ask for is 2 stop the war!!
NO WAR PLEAS u think the war its easy becuz ur not in it!!
pleas stop the war

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