This is where we un-ironically invoke the theme song to Team America

Secretary of Homeland Security nominee Bernard Kerik and President George W. Bush? They’re real fucking patriots, you know?
RELATED: “America, Fuck Yeah”, from the Team America: World Police Soundtrack, with lyrics by Trey Parker

6 replies on “This is where we un-ironically invoke the theme song to Team America

You know, Bush really is the perfect pres, but only in a parallel universe where time runs backwards. Country Western songs kinda work that way, too.

A warning to low culture readers (all 5 of you): don’t go to that lyric page; it downloads all this vicious spyware that I’ve been trying to get rid of for the past 2 days. Thinks like bargin buddy, surf side kick, 1800 search assistant, etc.

genuine thanks to our PC-using reader david…as we are all muy muy hardcore mac advocates, and constantly end each and every conversation with pointed remarks about the merits of using macs over PCs (after weighing the merits of how the analog waveform is better reproduced on vinyl than CD), we had no way of knowing that this was a poisonous, poisonous link.
as such, it’s been removed. intrepid south park fans can google the fucking team america theme song themselves if they’d like.

Kerik is a dumbass. My dog could do a better job than him! Seriously, we’ve never had a break-in or terrorist attack at my house. She has no financial resources either, he had tons of $$$ and failed.

This website is very ignorant and uninformed. It is very sad that some people have such a low opinion of American culture, and such a high opinion of themselves. Sure, some things about America aren’t that great, but alot of things aren’t that great about any place in the world. Just be happy that you have the ability to actually say what you think in this country, unlike most other places in the world. Luckily there are enought people in this country who are smart enough to realize that this country needs a strong leader like George Bush. Go America! If you really hate American culture that bad, move to Canada. We won’t miss you.

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