Bulworth meets Bush Worthless

001beatty.jpgThere’s an old joke, often attributed to Woody Allen, that goes:
“Q. What would you like to be reincarnated as?” “A. Warren Beatty’s finger.”
Somehow, I’m guessing whoever said that wouldn’t have said it about last night, when Beatty was honored by the Kennedy Center. (Check out Kennedy Center Salutes Six Artists, by John Files in The New York Times for a teeny-tiny photo of those fingers wrapped around Bush’s.) Poor, poor Beatty finger.
It’s a long, slow slide from Capucine to Julie Christie to Madonna to Annette Bening to… Colin Powell.
A sad one, too. Can a man’s finger kill itself?

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“I don’t believe in reincarnation, but if I did, I’d like to come back as Warren Beatty’s fingertips.” I think that’s how the joke goes.

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