Didn’t America Vote Against the Gaze?

Our nation’s first “soft focus” president, parading his various cabinet nominations before the media in the White House’s Roosevelt room:
Department of Homeland Security nominee Bernard Kerik, alongside President Bush in the background.
Secretary of State nominee Condoleeza Rice, with President Bush, again, in the background.
Yes, there’s a trend here: Attorney General nominee Alberto Gonzalez, with President Bush in the background.
Department of Commerce nominee Carlos Gutierrez mixes things up a bit, while nonetheless retaining those sharp-focus good looks.

9 replies on “Didn’t America Vote Against the Gaze?”

It means, “You’re all mine, baby! No more disagreement or discussion — you just do what I say!”

Thanks for catching and assembling this. I thought I was the only one creeped out by these pictures and seeing a pattern.
I think it was the Daily Show that commented on Bush’s little “Good job” to Condi after her acceptance speech. What a chickenhawk.

When the thought drops into Bush’s head that he should look presidential boy does he look mental

Bush is always present and watching. But he’s modest. Now Hitler… Hitler always had to be center stage and in focus. Main difference between the two.

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