God, I Miss Clinton

Snooze: Bush in Canada on Nov. 30, 2004, blah, blah, blah.
It would’ve been so much easier to make a ‘Royal Mounted Police’ joke if we still had Bill. Sad.

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“Oh my gwad…check it out its Dudley Doright…I so have got to get my picture taken with this guy!”

“Psssttt…..hey Laura check out that guy standing next to me……I think he is a Dudley Doright impersonator or somethin’…..I gotta get my picture with him…….Dick would never belive me when I tell him Canada is full of Dudley Doright impersonators!”
Laura: “George he is a Royal Canadian Mounted Police Officer….now get on with your speech”
George: “You mean this guy is a police officer!?”
Laura: “Yes George he is”
George: “Oh?”

We had a really low protest turnout here in Canada. I think we just gave up on trying to discourage Bush. Let him do whatever the hell he wants for the next 4 years. Take over Canada for all I care.

No let him take over Mexico and leave the last vestige of sane government alone!! Sincerely – South of the Border (Canadian that is).
PS I miss Bill too, he was SO much fun. So was Dick Nixon. So few and far between.

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