Mommy’s Little Zealot

001prayer.jpgMichelle “Three Cheers for Internment” Malkin, who never fails to make me smile (mostly at the thought that I too can have a syndicated column if I work hard enough at being bigoted and mediocre), has a sweet little Thanksgiving-themed column today called Grace, gratitude and God. (It’s my sincere hope that this becomes a perennial holiday column, something along the lines of “Yes, Virginia, there was an Iraq-al Qaida link.”)
After an endearing little homily about her four year-old daughter learning to say “grace” before meals, she tells us:

In typical toddler fashion, my daughter is now absolutely fanatical about her new routine. Not only must we say grace before every meal, but also before each snack. And anytime we have a drink. And anytime her baby brother gobbles Cheerios in his car seat. Failure to give thanks to God is met with swift retribution. Our daughter has no qualms about chastising us in public—at restaurants, airports or Starbucks:
“Hey, stop eating! You forgot to say grace!”
Despite the embarrassment it sometimes causes, I love her unrepentant zeal. It reminds us not to take for granted our too-infrequent gestures of daily thanksgiving. It reminds us to be humble. Following her lead, we must all bow our heads and fold our hands and shut our eyes and shout a full-throated “Amen!”

Absolutely adorable! (And, Hmmmm… for some reason I’m craving Starbucks.)
I won’t make fun of Malkin’s red state, red meat, red-baitin’ (red shirt wearin’) religion, since the rest of the column is all about the evils of Bible-bashing (“[S]nobs of secularism will no doubt disparage such simple-minded expressions of piety…”), but I would like to point out that Malkin is seriously remiss in the way she’s raising her child. In fact, she’s putting her precious life at risk every single day.
Not once—once!—does Malkin mention teaching her god-thanking offspring to wash her hands before eating. Talk about a breakdown of traditional values: This is tantamount to child abuse!
How can we expect to raise the next generation of good little Christian soldiers if they’re brought low by bacterial infections? How can America remain the most powerful, compassionate, and ass-kickingly awesome country in the world if we don’t teach the wee little ones to wash their hands before eating? (I happen to know for a fact that in the employee washrooms of sweatshops all over Asia and Guatemala there are “Employees Must Wash Hands” signs: Those are well-trained four year-olds.)
So, Michelle, please tell the little one to lather up those hands before clasping them together in prayer. And don’t forget to remind her that immigrants are especially dirty, and that even god cannot protect her if she should accidentally brush against one of those beasts.
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