Southern Fried Gothic

001conroy.jpgDo you like to cry while you eat? Does every flavor you taste remind you of what flawed, complicated people your parents were? Are you a stout Southern gentleman with the temperament of a drill sergeant but the heart of a poet?
Have we got a cookbook for you! Introducing, The Pat Conroy Cookbook: Recipes of My Life.
You’ll savor the bitterness of The Great Santini Steak Au Poivre. You’ll marvel at The Lords of Discipline Dumplings. And you don’t want to miss The Prince of Tides Salmon, salted to taste—just like your tears.
Order now and receive a free canister of My Losing Season seasoning spread, guaranteed to make your meal a mass market masterpiece!
Available now at a train station or airport bookstore near you.

2 replies on “Southern Fried Gothic”

My thoughts exactly: I thought I was going mad when I saw this cookbook. Perhaps it’s a brilliant new take on the “memories of home” cookbook genre. Can we look forward to the _Black Boy_ cookbook? Or recipes from _Bastard Out of Carolina_? And why limit ourselves to the South. Perhaps we can cook the food of the deprived and impoverished childhoods of Maya Angelou (San Francisco) and Betty Smith (Brooklyn), too.

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