And It’s Not Even Hump Day Yet

Did Slate, everyone’s favorite (temporarily) Microsoft-funded journal of punditry and funditry, stick one of those sex patches to its crimson skin?
How else to explain how horny the site is this week? Check out these heds:
Come Again? A history of the orgasm completely misses the point., by Thomas W. Laqueur (Don’t stop…)
The Thinking Man’s Guide to Sex: What could be wrong with She Comes First?, by Dan Chiasson (Slower, slower…)
“Let’s Get It On”‚ĶAgain: The remix of Marvin Gaye’s classic is better than the original., by David Ritz (Yes, yes, that’s good…)
Why Powell Had To Go: And how will Condi fare as his successor?, by Fred Kaplan (Um, less like that…)
The See-Through Times: An internal memo promises to rub out anonymice and other credibility killers., by Jack Shafer (Ah, that’s good…)
I don’t know about you, but I feel like I need a good, long shower.