Sure, The Red Sox Won. But Can Jimmy Fallon Break the SNL Movie Career Curse?

Roger “I Don’t Just Flack for Harvey” Friedman reports:

“[Y]es, that was Fallon caught live on Fox extravagantly kissing a blonde who looked a lot like Drew Barrymore on the field right after the Red Sox won the World Series…The reason for their appearance: Jimmy and Drew are filming a new movie called ‘Fever Pitch‘ about an obsessed Red Sox fan and the girl he loves.”

Directed by the Farrelly brothers from a script adapted by Lowell Ganz and Babaloo Mandel. Heart, prepare to be warmed!

4 replies on “Sure, The Red Sox Won. But Can Jimmy Fallon Break the SNL Movie Career Curse?”

It’s actually a remake of the 1997 movie of the same name based on a Nick Hornby book (again, by the same name). Even though the original starred Colin Firth I guess it had to be remade, because Americans don’t know what Arsenal is.

What are these “books” you speak of? I’d never heard of Nick Hornby or his lovable brand of inoffesive pop-culture obsessed guy lit. I guess I don’t know my Arsenal from a hole in a High Fidelity record album.

While your reply was amusing it still doesn’t explain why someone would find it necessary to remake a movie that’s less than ten years old.
Usually, people use the ‘we don’t like subtitles’ excuse when remaking French and Spanish movies. And seeing as the orginal stars Colin Firth it actually has more star power than the forthcoming version. So the lack of interest in soccer in the US seems to be the only logical explanation for what will most likely be a complete waste of celluloid.

I could have sworn I saw Jimmy kissing a brunette who looked like Drew Barrymore. Especially because my cousin thought it was Rachel Dratch at first (ha). Maybe the color was off on my TV.

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