Man Underwhelmed

Gentle Ben: Man, you don’t look so good.
You survived Christmas… You collected your Paycheck… But are you ready for Ben Affleck’s next cinematic blast of explosive diarrhea, Man About Town?
Currently filming in lovely Vancouver, Man also stars Oscar and Nobel Prize nominees Rebecca Romijn-Stamos, Amber Valletta, and Gina Gershon, and, oddly, Air America Radio‘s own Sam Seder. (Sam, Sam, Sam. Well, I guess you and Ben are having some good talks about John Kerry.)
But if these names—and BEN AFFLECK—aren’t enough to pump you up for this film, maybe its writer, director, and co-star will: Mike Binder!
You know, he of the sub-sub-sub-Woody Allen knock-offs The Sex Monster and Londinium (straight to cable and straight to your funny bone!), and HBO‘s second funniest show (after Arli$$, natch) The Mind of the Married Man! (Why only one season, HBO? Now we’ll never know if Binder’s character Micky Barnes ever followed through on that apt metaphor for the entire show and got that full-release massage or not.)
I for one cannot wait to see the one-two comedy punch of Binder and Affleck. Oh, and did I mention that it also stars the coolest teacher at “Manhattan High School,” Howard Hesseman? Well it does!
Truly, this will be a Man in full!

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The second season of “Mind of the Married Man” aired fall 2002. Think I taped ’em but didn’t watch ’em, so I can’t recall if the full release ever happened. If it did, I’m sure Micky felt guilty as hell.

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