The Real Team America: World Police

America—Fuck Yeah!
The New York Review of Books‘ excellent caricaturist David Levine one-ups Trey Parker and Matt Stone in this week’s issue.
Also, for political views a bit more cogent than those dudes’ “dicks-pussies-assholes” analysis, check out this special section featuring Kwame Anthony Appiah, Norman Mailer, Michael Ignatieff, and others on the election.
(Thus concludes our extensive Team America coverage for the day.)

2 replies on “The Real Team America: World Police”

Whey all de white women at? (Or any women, for that matter?) Is Joan Didion on sabbatical or something? I can’t believe how old and male that list is.

Ms. Didion wrote a fantastic piece called Politics in the ‘New Normal’ America for the previous issue. And Appiah is quite young—and dashing!

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