An All-Star Cast

“Gary goes through the usual three-act gamut of rivalry (with a puppet whose resemblance to Seann William Scott is surely intentional), romance (with a puppet whose resemblance to Elisabeth Shue is probably not), self-doubt and redemption, much of it set to music.”
—A.O. Scott, The New York Times.
“[H]is performance as John, the actor-phobic Team member is the best of Aaron Eckhart‘s career.”
—Greg Allen,
“The team’s control-room chief, Spottswoode, a white-haired bureaucrat in the James Mason mold, never loses his stentorian cool, even when he’s commanding Gary to, uh, go down for his country.”
—Owen Gleiberman, Entertainment Weekly.
“What’s different is that, yes, the hero is a puppet, and you can see his strings. And he’s not a fighter pilot, he’s a Broadway actor, recruited by a Charlton Heston-like figure with an omnipresent highball to save the world with his ACTING by infiltrating an Islamic terrorist group.”
—David Edelstein, Slate.

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