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Unintentionally Hilarious Photo of the Moment, Vol. 39

(With thanks to Chris M., again.)

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I have never laughed out loud once when seeing any of of your “Unintentionally Hilarious” Photos. You might get a smirk out of me at best. “Hilarious” is a strong word. I dunno, maybe it’s just me…

i, too, have never laughed, even when posting them.
but that’s probably because i’m too busy reading about the hundred or so deaths of palestinian children over the past few weeks in the gaza strip at the hands of israeli shells, and thinking, “how might this be rendered less funny than it is? i know, i shall post a smirk-worthy photo of john kerry, that’ll put these deaths in perspective.”
and it always does. haha, hilarious john kerry!

Yeah, writing a letter to Arafat is going to solve the issue.
It’s definitely the Palestinians’ fault that their country was colonized, that they are economically and physically marginalized in bantustans, and that the most powerful nation on earth supports the Israelis to ensure hegemony in Middle Eastern oil resources and to ensure eschatology as dictated in their mythology.
Think about what you would do if the U.S. was occupied and subjugated in the same fashion. Do I need to dig up some photos of white american survivalists and their kids holding guns?

I know, Palestinians have such a, like, “victim” complex, right?
God, a little deprivation of water, food, and access to the outside world, your house gets bulldozed along those of your neigbors, a few children/elderly/innocent bystanders/activists/journalists are gunned down by snipers or crushed by tanks and they’re all “oooh, I’m a victim!”
God, buck up already and quit complaining!

I forgive Israel because Lebanon is bad too, and because morons in the U.S. hate Israel so much that they GIVE Israel billions of dollars and give them access to really nice U.S. military equipment. I hope the U.S. hates me so much one day.

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