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Lies, Falsehoods, and Total Fabrications, vol. 1

lies.jpgWe hold these lies to be self-evident…
Several prominent psychologists speculate that if Bush wins the election, the national suicide rate will increase by as much as 35%.
George Bush wrote a poem in high school called “Little Me, in Poppy’s Shadow.”
Teresa Heinz was a back-up singer for Bob Dylan’s Rolling Thunder Revue tour.
As a young man, Donald Rumsfeld used to run numbers with Malcolm X, then known as “Detroit Red.”
John Kerry keeps all of his kids’ baby teeth in a satchel in his pocket. He rubs them when he’s nervous.
The Bush twins were conjoined at birth, sharing a liver. This is why they get drunk so easily.
John Edwards‘s battle with a childhood illness formed the basis of the 1976 after-school special, The Boy in the Plastic Bubble starring John Travolta.
It has been proven that electronic voting machines are essentially the same technology as the Simple Simon light game.
Condoleezza Rice had a small speaking part in the film version of Hair.
Laura Bush is allergic to most root vegetables.

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