Shabbat Shalom, from your friends at the New York Post

Oy, we’re kvelling over here about how many mentions of Jews there are in today’s New York Post! Nu, it gives us such nachas to see that this city’s true paper of record is finally recognizing Jews’ valuable contribution to the city!
First, there’s an article on Jews in reality TV shows sensitively headlined Jew-Insult ‘Apprentice’ Fired Twice by Don Kaplan and Braden Keil (two nice Jewish boys, yes?). Strangely, this piece about Apprentice contestant Jennifer Crisafulli‘s anti-semitic comments (“It was those two old Jewish fat ladies!”) is not on the Post website (conspiracy?), but you can read all about it here. (Why isn’t this article online? Such a shande!)
Then the Post saw fit to run a press release article by Suzanne Kapner (a nice Jewish girl, maybe?) about a hip [sic.] Jewish clothing company called Jewcy.
From the hilarious headline (New Web Site’s Offerings Are Strictly Kosher) to the article’s pitch-perfect lede (“Call it knish kitsch.”), this has to be one of the best, most spot-on pieces about Jews I’ve ever encountered! And I’ve read tons of Jewy crap!
Since the very headline was a plug for Jewcy junk, you just gotta check out their website for hilarious T-shirts emblazoned with such clever, easily accessible Yiddishisms as Yenta, Kvetch, and Meshuggenah! It’s shtetl fabulous—even for your shagetz boyfriend who gives your mother such tsuris and makes her want to plotz!
Feh, it’s enough to make you chaloshes! I just wish I could remember Jewcy‘s URL and help them make some more gelt. Oh, well, guess they get bubkis.