Debate 2004: “Daddy’s really fucking up, isn’t he?”


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God help this country. Bush looks clearly dumbstruck in those pictures. Take him away from his handlers and here’s what you get. McCain’s got to be thinking the worst sitting there. It was the first debate and boy did he fuck up.

Actually, his plan is well laid out on his website. But even if he had no plan, it would be better than the lunacy this administration has got us into. Let me guess. You’re too young to remember ‘Nam.

The Bush Doctrine:
1) People work hard.
2) What about Poland?
3) I know Bin Laden attacked us!
4) I know that.
5) I know I’m right.
6) I just KNOW I’m right.
7) People work HARD!

>>let me guess, you are living in the past…
History repeats itself. It’s a well-known phenomenon.

Sounds like 2nd grade ….I know you are, but what am I? I know you are but what am I? …..
If you guys (on either side of the aisle) plan to sway others to your point of view try citing facts, referencing documents, or at least clearly making your point.

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