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Conventionist: The Governator Speaks

From our perch in the upper balcony, Conventionist was able to get a strong feel for the enthusiasm with which California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger’s speech was greeted tonight – and this is in New York! Conventionist – while we don’t generally get involved in political matters – is excited by the idea of the star of Kindergarten Cop taking the stage someday in the near future to run for national office.
And while his accent proved to be a handful to some of the delegates from the so-called “Red States”, they still whooped and hollored as the star of Red Sonja spoke of his support for President Bush’s getting re-elected.
(UPDATE: Gov. Schwarzenegger did not star in Red Sonja, that was Brigitte Nielsen. And readers have written in to tell us that there is an amendment preventing a foreign-born citizen from running for our nation’s highest office. Conventionist still holds out hope that this can be worked out…are you listening, Mayor Bloomberg?)

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You’d have to be out of your MIND to leave a baby in your HOTEL ROOM while you went to lunch!!!
I mean, don’t you read Jason Calacanis’s babyblog??? And besides, Paris Hilton might have a key to the room.

Brilliant! Now all you need is a semi-literate 100,000 word battle in the comments section about what two people are absolutely SURE will win Wisconsin’s vote.

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