Prattling, ranting, and shopping: these are things women do.

Thursday. Some say it’s the new Friday, and Friday is the new Saturday, and so on and so forth, but I say Thursday is still yesterday.
Yesterday, my friends, was quite a day. From the FEMALE PERSPECTIVE, of course. You want the grit and gristle of womanhood? Here it comes:
What would give you insight? Um, how about a trip to that affordable mecca of disposable fashion, H&M? Yes! That’s right: females like to shop. And when you’re this particular female, you shop on a budget. The Swedish superstore is the solution! Retail therapy is a cheaper version of Klonopin, after all.
Unfortunately, H&M was doused in pink. Yep — pink shirts, pink pants, pink fucking socks from floor to ceiling. Suffice to say, Peptowhatever is in.
Not that I have a problem with pink.
I just don’t like looking like a precious, vomitous mess. At least not on Thursday. Instead, I bought a brown shirt. And I bought it to look “hot” for you “men” so I don’t have to “buy” my “own drinks.”
Until the pay scale is completely equal, this is how it will be. At least it’s all out on the table.

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I was at H&M on Thursday too… I think I only bought a bit of pink,ha ha. But each store is different, so who knows… In NYC I only like the H&M in Soho personally. (how lame, but nescessary)

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