No Way, Boss. Everyone likes you. ‘Cause you’re great!

The chairman
Guys, you know when your girlfriend asks you if you she ‘looks fat in this’ and you have to be like, “No way! You look fantastic!” But sometimes she does kinda look fat in that and maybe a guy on the street will say something like “thick” as she passes and you have to be like, “That guy is insane! You do not look fat at all!” But you’re sort of relieved that someone else got to say it and not you? (Gals, this is probably like when your boyfriend asks about his endowment and you have to spin like Ari Fleischer at Equinox.)
Anyway, that’s what it must be like to review a film critical of your boss for the newspaper your boss owns and operates.
Poor Meghan Lehman drew the short straw and had to review Outfoxed: Rupert Murdoch’s War on Journalism for The New York Post, while her colleague Lou Lumenick got to see Code 46. (Mysteriously, Outfoxed‘s website is down! Coincidence?… Probably.)
With a headline like FAIR AND BALANCED, THIS DOC’S NOT, you can kind of guess what the critic is going to say without even reading the review. Lehman’s conclusion? “Unbalanced.” But my favorite part is this little rah-rah nut graph towards the end:

Fox News Channel consistently beats CNN and MSNBC, yet Greenwald approaches not a single viewer to probe the reasons for its popularity, nor a single current employee.

Yay! (I’ll leave it to this guy to confirm or refute that claim.)
Related, in today’s Post: BIZ LEADERS HAILED AS HARLEM HEROES “Post Publisher Lachlan Murdoch received an Excellence in Journalism Award…” As his father would say, “Excellent.”