She’s got her mother’s face, and her daddy’s respect for the media

This image was taken from the focal point of the Washington Post‘s most important news story EVER (eclipsing coverage of Samuel Berger’s resignation from the Kerry campaign, tomorrow’s report by the 9/11 commission, and the Palestinian leadership’s current disarray):
“Jenna Bush Sticks Tongue Out at News Photographers”


Look out, Sasha Frere-Jones and Simon Reynolds…here comes Victoria Murphy of Forbes Magazine

Following in the wake of the “controversy” surrounding Jadakiss’ provocative lyrics (“Why did Bush knock down the towers?”) in his hit single, “Why?”, Fox News’ irascible hip-hop maestro Bill O’Reilly invited Forbes Magazine‘s senior reporter Victoria Murphy on to his Monday, July 19, 2004 edition of the O’Reilly Factor to discuss a tangentially-related matter, Microsoft’s usage of the rapper in an X-Box promotion.
But when you’re a 23-year-old reporter, why confine yourself to talking about boring, adult-oriented things like “marketing initiatives” and “public relations controversies” when you can wax rhapsodic on pop music and its performers?

MURPHY: This rapper’s probably a one-hit wonder anyway, and it turns out it probably wasn’t such a smart decision, but Microsoft is a smart company and what they want to do is sell more software, not promote some rapper’s political ideas…
O’REILLY: Yeah, I mean we understand what their marketing is, to get kids to play this X-Box with Jadakiss, but you know, July 5th, Jadakiss is arrested in Fayetteville, North Carolina, for, uh…
MURPHY: Right, but that’s what rappers do right, they get arrested?
O’REILLY: Yeah, I guess that’s what they do…

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How does he pull the strings while thumbing his nose like that?

July 15, 2004: Karl Rove “gestures with his hand during a speech saying that Sen. John Kerry thumbed his nose to U.S. troops in Iraq”.
July 16, 2004: Op-Ed cartoon by Stuart Carlson
(This remarkable confluence via Dan Froomkin’s White House Briefing, the Washington Post, July 20, 2004)

Grave Unintentionally Hilarious

Unintentionally Hilarious Photo of the Moment, vol. 30

(With thanks to Chris M.)


(Gotta Get) Back in Time

time_magazine_vegas_baby.jpgTIME Magazine‘s July 26, 2004 issue, Vol. 164, Number 4
…in which the cover-story editors draw from the ten-year-old script for Jon Favreau and Doug Liman’s Swingers, liberally quoting Vince Vaughn’s Trent character.
…in which the “The Arts” section profiles Clara Peller, noted for her catchy quip, “Where’s the beef?”
…in which we learn about Ms. Pac-Man, the surprisingly successful spinoff to everyone’s favorite coin-operated arcade game
…in which the movement to impeach the President for his knowledge of an illegal break-in at the Watergate Hotel is examined
…in which the “Nation” section document’s the cultural obsession with the Lindbergh baby trial
…in which the “Science” section profiles Gumma, the universe’s very first single-celled organism, and noted neurotic, in an article headlined “Mitochondriac”

Grave Unintentionally Hilarious

Unintentionally Hilarious Photo of the Moment, vol. 29



Karl Rove for the Day, Vol. 6

Hey, he’s totally grounding the rhetoric! (Ba-dum.) Four (more years) on the floor! This guy is totally trampling over American values! Talk about carpet bombing!


Dan Bartlett must have missed this “photo oppertoonity”

The wire services and Wisconsin-area local news outlets eagerly covered President Bush’s “unscheduled” campaign stop at Mitch’s Candy Store in West Bend, Wisconsin, yesterday, but amidst all the hullabaloo over his caloric consumption as he purchased some of the shop’s “delicious bearclaws” was one “blink-and-you’ll-miss-it” detail.
Wisconsin, a state Bush lost by a mere 6,000 votes in the 2000 election, ranks a respectable eleventh in the nation in education spending, though, somehow, the Bush-supportive candy store that his aides chose for this impromptu photo-op was staffed by people who can’t spell the very item that the Secret Service had to have taste-tested beforehand:
Not to harp on spelling-related issues too much, but it’s bearclaw, B-E-A-R-C-L-A-W, bearclaw.

Grave Satirical

He’ll probably work on it in earnest for a few months and then drop it like a hot potato and run when it gets too hard

From The New York Post‘s Book Beat, July 15, 2004:

“Paul Bremer, who stepped down as Ambassador to Iraq two weeks ago, has begun meeting with New York publishers about writing a memoir of his life and his experiences in the Middle East.
“Marvin Josephson, the founding chairman of International Creative Management and the agent on such books as Colin Powell’s ‘My American Journey’ and Tommy Franks’ upcoming ‘American Soldier,’ confirmed that interest in the book is ‘very, very high.'”

As are the people who think anyone will buy this bilge, b-i-l-g-e.

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Unintentionally Hilarious Photo of the Moment, vol. 28