(Gotta Get) Back in Time

time_magazine_vegas_baby.jpgTIME Magazine‘s July 26, 2004 issue, Vol. 164, Number 4
…in which the cover-story editors draw from the ten-year-old script for Jon Favreau and Doug Liman’s Swingers, liberally quoting Vince Vaughn’s Trent character.
…in which the “The Arts” section profiles Clara Peller, noted for her catchy quip, “Where’s the beef?”
…in which we learn about Ms. Pac-Man, the surprisingly successful spinoff to everyone’s favorite coin-operated arcade game
…in which the movement to impeach the President for his knowledge of an illegal break-in at the Watergate Hotel is examined
…in which the “Nation” section document’s the cultural obsession with the Lindbergh baby trial
…in which the “Science” section profiles Gumma, the universe’s very first single-celled organism, and noted neurotic, in an article headlined “Mitochondriac”

3 replies on “(Gotta Get) Back in Time

Thank God it was a busy news week or those poor editors might have had to run pieces on Iraq, healthcare, the government’s deliberate downsizing of the Military in order to necessitate the use of open contracts with private securitty (miltary) firms like Halliburton. I mean, who wants to read that shit?

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