She’s got her mother’s face, and her daddy’s respect for the media

This image was taken from the focal point of the Washington Post‘s most important news story EVER (eclipsing coverage of Samuel Berger’s resignation from the Kerry campaign, tomorrow’s report by the 9/11 commission, and the Palestinian leadership’s current disarray):
“Jenna Bush Sticks Tongue Out at News Photographers”

9 replies on “She’s got her mother’s face, and her daddy’s respect for the media”

“Err – Err! Nah-Nah! Lookat me! I’m a drrrity monkey! Bulletproof glass! Dirty monkey! Your cameras can’t touch me here ’cause the glass it be bulletproof! Nah! Nah! Suck it press corps! Bullets are stronger than cameras, and bullets can’t get in here so I’m safe from you phoney phonies and I am the dirty monkey and I win! Nah-Nah, Nah-Nah! I’m the dirty monkey and youuu aren’t!”

Ugly child… ? Jesus… Alexandra Kerry and little Chelsea could win a dog fight with the Bush twins any day… Alexandra looks like her daddy with a wig on, and poor Chelsea looks like Hillary f*cked a monkey…

Sorry… I wasn’t aware that you, Gorski & your friend L’Emmerdeur knew Miss Bush… or those other ‘lovely’ young ladies…

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