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Hilary, darling, that look is sooo Sofia’s last film

Hilary Duff stars in A Cinderella Story, 2004
Scarlett Johansson promoting Lost in Translation at the Venice Film Festival, 2004
(With thanks to Kristina Dalberg.)

7 replies on “Hilary, darling, that look is sooo Sofia’s last film”

And this looks a great lot like this. Or could it be a hommage? Hilary Duff is doing hommages now? She was probably paying a hommage to Miss Johansson as well!

Oh, boys, let’s not be all snarky towards poor Mama-Duff Slave Hillary when we can’t spell “homage.”
Xs and Os,
Andromeda the Grammar Bitch

At that picture scarlett looks just like hilary. She should have her own style and not copy Hilary┬┤s style. I lov hilary!!! Hilary 4ever!!!

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