What does Jack Black’s gut have to say for itself?

envy_poster.jpgThough moviegoers were most likely spending last weekend at the multiplex watching writer Tina Fey’s monstrously mediocre “Mean Girls”, odds are at least a small handful of devoted Ben Stiller and Jack Black loyalists turned out to see director Barry Levinson’s latest debacle, “Envy”, as $6 million dollars were somehow channeled to the film’s producers by way of the box office.
An even smaller handful of internet enthusiasts subsequently posted reviews of the film on the IMDB, including this gem, which was apparently written by Ben Stiller’s conscience:

“This is the worst movie I have seen in several years. Very dumb story, dumb humor, painful acting, hard to watch. This is the type of movie that should be destroyed instead of inflicting it upon audiences. Ben Stiller has proved himself to choose very bad movies and I thought perhaps Jack Black would have made it a good movie but he did not. I am making it a policy that I will boycott movies that have Ben Stiller in it. If Ben Stiller is in the movie it is likely a bad movie and this is probably the worst movie he has been in. Movie stars do a diservice to the audience by working on junk like this and perhaps if they don’t care about their reputation and put out junk like this the audience should boycott movies they are in. There is absolutely no excuse for a piece of junk like this movie. They should pay me for waisting my time on this.”

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