Where Are My Feet?

Alternately: U Bulbous Mass, Gorge Away, Gigantic.

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ha. people are fat. fat is funny. next you’ll be writing some sitcom for ABC about a fat woman and her funny life. oh, can you find some picture of an old lady and put a caption of her saying something “gangsta”. that’s funny too. fat people and old people saying hip things.

Here’s why their fatness is okay to make fun of:
Unlike some inner-city black kid who eats a high-calorie, subsidized breakfast and lunch at their local public school, and doesn’t go outside because of drive-by shootings and therefore becomes obese, Frank and Kim have all fucking day to take a fucking walk. It’s not like they are working the second shift in a textile factory and get home exhausted every day, with just enough time to eat a Hungry Man dinner and fall asleep in their lazy boy. They basically have the greatest, least stressful life you could hope for.
There are plenty of us normal people who have busy lives and yet manage to shake a fucking leg once in a while to avoid becoming bloated… Franky and Kimmy can do the same, or face the mean-spirited consequences. And don’t even try and say that it’s their genes.
Lastly, the concert was great.

who cares if they got all fat. the important thing is that they rocked out. for serious, they rocked hard. and for your information, the most well known of tenacious d was rocking out to them in the general population. coachella made me very happy for 48 hours.

Silly Echo. You don’t know where to aim your mean-spiritedness. You waste time taking aim at folks who like to entertain people with good music. There are plenty of evil motherfuckers in the world that need to be embarrassed and chastised.
I don’t know the psychological reasons of why they have gained so much weight. But your oversimplification of saying they are lazy is definitely a typical, and lazy, response. You show talent though as a future U.S. corporate news anchor.

The two of them together, even now, don’t add up to the voluptuous horror of Kirstie Alley. I loved the Star cover on her: “What Happened and Why!” What happened: She got very fat: Why: She ate a lot of food.
By the way, I think some of you are taking a posting in the Shallow category of Low Culture a tad too seriously. Kim and Frank are grownup public figures; they can handle a little ribbing. Mmmmm, ribs…

If posts were calories we’d all be fat on this one. This issue is weighted down by how we draw imaginary divisions between eachother, always finding the familiar and the “dissimiliar.”
Just wait till you mtv-sexed, sustance-abusing, music-sharing undergrads reach forty! The drop in hormone levels make you not care, unless you’re on TV or in LA or sitting next to P.Hilton.
And what the wmd happend to Kirstie Alley, does it matter, does she care? Was it being out of the mainstream isolation or just that religious lifestyle or krispy creme?
Now I’m doing it……..

you guys are fucking stupid. frank was always fat! it’s like his trademark or something.

no, sarah, you may recall the ‘come on pilgrim’ and late-1980s era charles ‘black’ francis, who was anything but fat, and just might have been a tiny tiny tiny bit leaning towards chubby.
although by the time he did his solo ‘teenager of the year’ and had his full frame on the cover, man, he had gotten big.

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