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socbozo.jpgQuest Magazine (not to be confused with the bimonthly about living with neuromuscular disease) features in its April issue The Quest 400, their annual list of Manhattan’s social elite. The 400, like all of Quest Magazine, does not concern itself with the sordid worlds of show business or pro sports (too many minorities, presumably). No, we are offered only an alphabetized list of Manhattan’s Botox-Boomers, old-money layabouts and John Jacob Astor descendants.
The list was compiled by Quest editor David Patrick Columbia, also known for the dangerously compelling New York Social Diary. Unfortunately the good Mr. Columbia finds no need to explain why or how he determined who gets on the list and who’s left out. In fact, all we get is a White Pages of people with last names like Biddle, Hearst and Pulitzer. Its complete lack of context recalls The Spy ListSpy Magazine’s mysterious column listing only a series of proper names.
As tribute to both of these formidable publications, we are proud to present

the low culture list

Montgomery Clift
Tatianna von Furstenberg
J.P. Getty
Brad Renfro
Horatio Sanz
Bijou Phillips
James Murdoch
Nia Vardalos

4 replies on “Quest Love”

Why is it that magazines of society are often designed like shit and have websites that look like some retard with an AOL account threw it together?

This list is equally bizarre–Monty Clift (thumbs up, obvs) and Brad Renfro (Um. like, who’s that?) I guess that’s the point, hey guys? Or is it a list rich of junkies. Ah–that’s it, huh?

Exactly. Junkies. ‘Cause I think I was banging smack with Nia Vardalos just the other week, after she saw the grosses for Clara and Clarita, or whatever that Victor/Victoria ripoff was called.

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