Under-reported Factoid of the Week

Worth mulling over as the Bremer, I mean, Bush administration’s self-imposed Iraqi sovereignty deadline of June 30th approaches:
From Dexter Filkins’ profile of Iraqi exile (and purveyor of bad WMD-related intelligence) Ahmad Chalabi in the March 26, 2004 New York Times:

“In a nationwide poll conducted by ABC News and the BBC, 10 percent of Iraqis listed Mr. Chalabi as someone they ‘don’t trust at all,’ a higher percentage than any other Iraqi leader. According to the poll, conducted from Feb. 9 to 28, 3 percent said they did not trust Saddam Hussein. In the poll, 2,737 randomly selected Iraqis age 15 and up were interviewed. The results have a two percentage point margin of error.”

(emphasis mine, with thanks to Danny)