We’ve Met Before, Right? You looked different then.

wiredzippies.jpg “‘The Zippies Are Here,’ declared the Indian weekly magazine Outlook. Zippies are this huge cohort of Indian youth who are the first to come of age since India shifted away from socialism and dived headfirst into global trade, the information revolution and turning itself into the world’s service center.” — Thomas L. Friedman, Meet the Zippies, The New York Times, Feb. 22, 2004.
“What we have here is a major player in the premillennial cultural meme pool, and a loose-knit movement of folks who aim to change the world—while having the best time of their lives. Cyber-crusties, techno-hippies, post-ravers—the British media have tried pinning various compound names to its members… But one name stands out, maybe because it was designed to. And for the moment it’s sticking: zippies. It stands for Zen-inspired professional pagans…”Zippies!, by Jules Marshall, Wired, May 1994.
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