Hotter than a venti americano

kinsley_newsweek.jpgIf you thought Seattle was full of flannel-clad aging grunge rockers and the sexiest person there is Michael Kinsley dressed as Gorton’s fisherman (left), swing on by The Stranger‘s Web site for their annual Valentine’s Day Seattle’s Sex Bombs spread.
As expected in a city where coffee runs hot and cold out of the faucets, there’s Sexiest Baristas (four of ’em), but there’s also a Sexiest Republican who makes Ann Coulter look (even more) like a she-beast. (Equal Time Regulations stipulate that The Stranger show a Sexy Deniac, too.) Then there are the Sexiest Movie Theater Employees, who look like the girls from t.A.T.u., only they weren’t cooked up in a post-Soviet lesbi-teen lab in Siberia. Sexiest Waiter? Someone out there wrote, “I’d like to lick Alfredo sauce off his ass-crack.” Like ’em smart? Check out Sexiest Physics Majors. Sexiest Retail Clerk? Babe check, aisle nine!
You get the idea. Go check ’em all out for yourself. Flights to Seattle can be booked through your travel agent or online.

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good idea, but by god, have they got ugly people in seattle. when the sexiest whatever can’t beat a walk down the block in any number of other cities (LA, New York, et al) something is completely fucked up. but what do I know, i live in philly.

Well, I’ll be dipped. I knew and worked with Tushara, the Sexiest Retail Clerk, at Fred Meyer when I lived in Seattle.
It sounds silly, but I do have to admit that there’s a strange magnetism to Tushara. I’m gay and everything, but there’s something to be said for the too-thin white button-down shirt letting the bra strap peek through, the “healthy” booty packed into boot-cut pants, and the breasts barely contained by the dirty apron.
And she had SUCH an infectious smile.

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