We, too, regret having seen “Journeys with George”

“I wish I could take my children out into the rain, shrink them back to babies and start over. I loved being a mother.”

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.), mother of NBC News producer Alexandra Pelosi, revealing in the March issue of Glamour magazine one of the “Five Things You Don’t Know About Me.”

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I think “Producer” is glorifing what Alexandra does. When the words associate, segment, assistant or wannabe appear in front of producer, we’re dealing with a lower level. Richard Cohen was a news producer. This nice young lady is a senator’s daughter, her home-videos of the president notwithstanding. And I can think of far more than 5 things I don’t want to know about Nancy.

I saw the Bush “documentary” when Pelosi snuggled up to Dubya on his campaign plane and thought — no, this isn’t the talentless offspring of a pol trying to leverage her association with power into a nifty little parasitic career of her own — God, no: This is the new Ken Burns.

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