Slouching towards Hollywood Babylon

interrupted.jpgThe publicist for Hollywood Interrupted: Insanity Chic in Babylon—the Case Against Celebrity deserves a raise for landing his or her clients, authors (and “veteran journalists” pace The Post) Mark Ebner and Andrew Breitbart in Page Six and Rush & Molloy today.
But perhaps pitching this book as a no-holds-barred slaughter of Hollywood sacred cows is a tad hyperbolic. Judging from the names bold-faced by the Page Six crew, the targets read more like slow-moving fish in a very small barrel: Robert Evans? Dude was a punchline before he was even a joke. Courtney Love? Any moron can squeeze a laugh out of her. Michael Ovitz? The guys who sell star maps on the side of the road have more juice in Hollywood than him nowadays. Heidi Fleiss? C’mon, fellas, try a little harder. It almost makes you respect the courage and conviction of Joe Eszterhas.
What I’m really looking forward to is the brave, bold chapter that eviscerates Michael Cimino: boy, is he too big for his britches, or what? And Joan Crawford: I hear she’s like, a total bitch-on-wheels.
Kenneth Anger, watch your back!