Ten Years Ago in SPY

Actually, more like 15 years ago…
SPY, Nov. 1988…. U.S. News, Feb. 2, 2004

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low culture’s photographic memory should note ‘someone named B.W. Honeycutt’ died a few years later, far too young. There is an obit from a few years later (likely, truly ten years ago in Spy). I could tell you the exact date, but the issues are in my parent’s basement. What is really choice from around the time of the item here is the Michael Miliken cover (1988? 1987?) where they do a send up of ‘snyergy’ by finding local merchants that have seemingly at-odds business lines. One of them is Kim’s, a laundromat on Avenue A that also rented videos.

Thanks for info, Enemy. I only referred to B.W. Honeycutt as “someone” because I didn’t know if he or she was a man or a woman. Oh, and to insult someone who died far too young, because I’m a complete fucking asshole.
And, yes, I often tell people about that “mini monopolies” article that included Yung Man Kim of Kim’s Video fame.

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