Present: Accomplished

The Boyz In Their Hoodz
Yes, he got a cake. A very, very nice one, too. But what about the prezzies for the Vice Prezie? What do you buy the man who has everything (including a democratic Iraq and a soon-to-be shrunken deficit)? How do you buy a present for a man who has given us all so very much?
We here at low culture agonized for weeks over what to give Vice President Dick Cheney for his birthday today.
It was hard, but we finally figured it out (with a little inspiration from someone who’s full of great ideas). We also got one for his bestest buddy, too!
Happy Birthday, Dick, wherever you are!

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I can’t wait to get mine sporting “Suburbs” a la The Bloodhound Gang’s “Use Your Fingers” (look in the upper right corner photo)

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