Pee-Wee Presents… Clones

cover_feb04.jpgHow psyched was I that Paper Magazine decided to buck newsstand trends and go with a coverboy who’s not only not promoting some new piece of shit project, but who also has the distinction of being so uncool he’s positively cool?
It’s heartening in this day and age of publicist-driven entertainment coverage to see a magazine stick its collective neck out and put someone on the cover like Paul Reubens, AKA Pee-Wee Herman. This one’s not for the trendsetters: it’s for the fans, man!
I didn’t pick the issue up, so I don’t know if they talk to him about his voice over work in Disney‘s new film, Teacher’s Pet, but who care, right? It’s Pee-Wee friggin’ Herman, and he’s awesome!