Capturing the Shopsins

Our big cool (imaginary) friend Elvis Mitchell reports from Park City about I Like Killing Flies, a film we mentioned a few weeks back. (On the Menu at Sundance: Quirky Chef and Dancers, The New York Times, Jan. 21, 2004)
Here’s director Matt Mahurin on his star: “Kenny would be pontificating about his ideas about life and death and sex and politics and even food… And when you went in, you would enter whatever family drama was going on that day.”
Check out the last few anonymous comments attached to our original Flies piece to see one person who’ll definitely skip this film.

One reply on “Capturing the Shopsins

Elvis Mitchell is not that tall, although James Lipton demanded (but failed to get) an apple cart to stand on, so he wouldn’t look so short next to Elvis when they and Annette Insdorf did the IFP at Cannes coverage in 2002. But Elvis is a metrosexual foodie is there ever was one – did you see the Helmut Lang reference in his review of Minority Report?

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