Sarah Silverman, narcoleptics’ best friend

“Ms. Silverman also confirmed that her friend [Lizz Winstead] is narcoleptic. ‘Did she tell you that?’ Ms. Silverman asked. ‘She has no problem taking pills to make her stay awake. Otherwise, she’s out by 9.’ Ms. Winstead’s condition was diagnosed about 15 years ago,” Lefty Radioheads Bite Back by Rachel Donadio, The New York Observer Jan. 7, 2004.
“[Jimmy Kimmel] did not own a jacket, and besides, he’s mostly colorblind. He is also narcoleptic, but that’s another story,” In the Land of the Insomniac, the Narcoleptic Wants to Be King by Bill Carter, The New York Times Magazine, Nov. 3, 2002.

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After everyone gets finished Google-tying “miserable failure” to Bush, can we make a Sarah Silverman page the first thing that comes up when someone looks up “homewrecker”?

Silverman owes her career basically to fucking men in better career positions than her, exploiting the new resourses these men bring to her (their connections or writing talent), and moving on.
This is easy for her to do, since comedians are frequently beset with low-self esteem, and once they’re fucking her, will freely give all they can to help her move to the next level.
All that’s required on her part is to close her eyes and pretend somebody other than Jimmy Kimmel, or her ugly comdedian du jour is fucking her.
To a lesser degree, she also banks on the spectacle of a woman who appears fuckable, even though she’s a comedienne.
To me, her extremely fat arms, and her inbred Jennifer Love Hewitt appearance is a real turn off, however, but to a stinky unfuckable comedian on the rise, she’s just what the doctor ordered.
Victoria Jackson, move over. You’re soon to have a career bench partner.

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