I give this quote three stars

Further proof that critics sometimes actually speak—and think—in blurbs, The Times‘ A.O. Scott goes back to his lit crit roots in Slate‘s annual “Year in Movies”:

I happened upon this piece, in which Louis Menand breezily mocks the conventions of year-end list-making (without, of course, deigning to suffer what he rightly calls the “anguish” of making his own list). The piece is funny and well worth reading, if a bit glib.

Somehow I think that if articles had posters, this quote would be shortened to “‘Funny! Worth Reading!’—Slate. (Of course Peter Travers said of the same piece: “Astounding! Will Make You Stand Up and Cheer—Even if you’re reading it on the Toilet!”—Rolling Stone)

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I thought the same thing, though, I must admit, when I write my emails, they are barely coherent, I put in so many exclamation points and unseemly clauses.

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