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Saddam’s Omnipotent-no-more Smite List (Final Edition)

saddam-god.jpgThough Saddam Hussein’s Iraq was notoriously secular, his uncanny resemblance, when captured, to our beloved contributing editor God was striking, to say the least.
Even more startling was the mad proclamation he supposedly decreed upon his seizure this weekend by U.S forces. Though these words are entirely uncorroborated, it seemed to be in everyone’s best interest to get this document out ASAP for those few remaining loyalists to His, erm, his, regime.
Smite thee, fedayeen!
an esteemed decree by the deposed Saddam Hussein
1. Whomever ratted me out: It was my gravest error to not have Uday and Qusay take you out earlier, you shameful Ba’ath party disloyalist. Perhaps, too, I should have toasted you more frequently with palatial visits and plentiful amounts of Hollywood DVDs. Yes, that would have been wise.
2. L. Paul Bremer: Indeed, I didn’t exactly cling to Islam as anything more than a political prop, but I at least have this one thing in common with God, I mean, Allah. That’s his name, right? Allah? Forigve me, I have been in this cave for too long. A very dark, damp and oh-so-Godless cave.

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