Mission Accomplished

At Least 17 Killed in Blast at Iraq Police Station
Well, at least the Times covered these token deaths (17) alongside a negligible number (33) of injuries. appeared to be too busy flouting the Geneva Convention.

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dear jean-paul — the geneva convention restricts the broadcast of images of p.o.w.’s. saddam, presumably, is a war criminal, i.e. fit for television consumption

sadly, there is no ‘presumably’ with rummy. last night on 60mins he was reciting a laundry list of things he may or may not do re: saddam, as well as a laundry list of conditions which may or may not apply to him. basically, we learned that any answers to any questions will be buried in layers of double and triple-speak.

one little thing from today’s la times:
“The Bush administration was forced to try to counter criticism Monday that it had violated the Geneva Convention by releasing video footage of Saddam Hussein taken after his capture.
The convention says prisoners should not be humiliated by displaying them to satisfy public curiosity. Some European commentators have criticized the videotape of Hussein being examined by a military doctor.
But a State Department official said the videotape was released to reassure Iraqis that the dictator was in captivity, and was a justifiable step to improve security in the country.”

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