Your job package: 10 vacation days, 3 religions…and 23 holidays

jewish_calendar.gifWhile Gawker has been marveling at the extent to which this past week has been “the week of the Jews,” proud New Yorkers can rest assured that their cultural institutions pull weight worldwide. After Jewish-focused features and cover stories in publications as diverse as, well, Time Out New York and New York magazine, it seems those notorious anti-semites in “Old Europe” have taken a cue and gotten smart to the New York publishing world’s “hip factor”.
Officials in France are now considering “breaking centuries of European tradition by making an Islamic feast and a Jewish holy day official school holidays…’France will be the first non-Muslim country to recognize Eid al-Fitr and the only country apart from Israel to celebrate Yom Kippur,’ said Patrick Weil, a member of the special commission that proposed the new holidays.”
Expect this to make the cover of The Economist next week (they’re sooo “yesterday’s news”).

3 replies on “Your job package: 10 vacation days, 3 religions…and 23 holidays”

come, come now. this is a lightweight post, meant merely to celebrate a few days off! fun fun fun!
why get tangled up in causality? that’s a fools errand!
besides, at least it’s not an exclusive ban solely on veils, additionally covering yarmulkes and rosary beads and shit like that. and besides, have you seen how atheist europe is nowadays? that levelheadedness might go a large way to explaining their rational policies of the past few years. oops, there i go with causality again.

You gotta love France…banning yarmulkes and headscarves after, respectively, WWII and, um, Algeria. The gall!
Okay, no more puns, evs. Proms. But incidentally, I almost drove off 87 tonight as I listened to that secular Frenchmanist and his fake-sounding-yet-real accent actually announce this plane on NPR. Let’s have Halliburton bomb his house to make amends for their 61 million dollar oversight, and everybody gagnes.

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