Ms. Plame, are you available for work? No? Sorry

cia_iraq.jpgApparently, the occupation of Iraq isn’t going as well as you may have thought, unless your standards of success include hundreds of dead American soldiers, thousands of dead Iraqi civilians, hundreds of thousands of unemployed workers, and millions of people affected by power and water shortages.
One solution? Bring in American spies to scout out so-called “insurgent activity,” according to new Central Intelligence Agency plans (leaked anonymously, as per the usual information-distribution route). According to the Los Angeles Times,

“In recent weeks, the agency has begun a buildup that one source said could add as many as 100 people to an agency presence that is already several hundred strong in the war-torn country. Among those being sent, sources said, are case officers, counter-terrorism analysts and a small contingent of senior officials from the agency’s clandestine service.
The moves come at a time when many in the intelligence community acknowledge that they are frustrated with their inability to penetrate an insurgency that continues to carry out deadly attacks on American soldiers and Iraqi civilians almost every day.”

Ah, damage control. Who wants to make odds on White House “senior administration officialsnot coming forward to let Robert Novak know the identity of these mysterious agents who will be assisting in the expedition of our grand exit strategy?
If your answer to the odds question was “no chance,” you can claim victory. Which is more than can be said for the American effort in Iraq or Afghanistan.

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Rest easy now. The dialy loss of American human life will now come to an end. We captured Saddam bin Laden. It was all worth it.

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