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This Isn’t It

Rolling Stone published its 50 Best Albums of 2003 this week. Making the list without breaking a sweat is everyone’s favorite well-bred New York City hair band, The Strokes, with Room on Fire. According to RS:

The Strokes’ second album is a virtual double for 2001’s Is This It in every still-winning respect: the guitar combat of Nick Valensi and Albert Hammond Jr.; the switchblade flick of the hooks and bridges; the acidic magnetism of Julian Casablancas’ voice. In fact, the Strokes can go on like this forever—the Ramones did it for a quarter-century—as long as the songs stay this good and the attitude doesn’t dry up.

Before you go renaming East 7th Street Julian Casablancas Place, check out the band’s really, really early stuff. Back when their name was slightly different and their sound… well, their sound was out there, man. And they made their own cover art, to boot!
Talk about indie cred.
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AW, c’mon…there’s like 9 great songs in a row there on R on F. Why do us Brits like ’em more than you?
I guess we’re just cooler…& we don’t need to continually look over our shoulder for what other people think.
BY the by, for fans of The Office: final 2 come this xmas (sure to make HBO) – other pretty good Brit comedy shows are Peep Show, Little Britain, Phoenix Nights & Bo! Selecta; but not so sure you’ll get any of those
Oh, I’ve been a-drinking – took me a while to check/correct this…I guess this is how Paris Hilton feels all the f&^%$#g time.
As Josh Rouse kinda puts it…I’m just another James on tap at the bar

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