If it’s broke, don’t fix it

Today’s Washington Post features a delicate little fluff piece entitled “Bush Campaign Tiptoed Into Arlington HQ” about, well, the fairly quiet presence of President Bush’s re-election campaign headquarters in Arlington, Virginia.

“There is nary a Bush sign or banner in sight. In fact, there is virtually no way to find the headquarters at all without being directed by a building doorman through a set of double doors.
Only then does a single reception desk come into view outfitted with a few “Bush Cheney ’04” bumper stickers.”

Take a second look at these 2004 campaign bumper stickers, however. Why did the notoriously “fiscally conservative” Republican campaign even bother to create new stickers, when they’re effectively just reprints of those used in the 2000 campaign?
At least we now have a sense of how those $200 million in Bush campaign funds will not be spent: hiring graphic designers who can do more than italicize existing fonts.

5 replies on “If it’s broke, don’t fix it”

I think it is important to note that el hefe’s name was behind the flag in ’00, and now they are side-by-side and the flag seems to be growing out of the “h”.
A subtle cue?

I like the lack of dots in the URL…at first glance I read it as George–Ew–Bush, which hopefully sums up over 50% of the poulation’s feelings.

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