Pal Joey: sniff, sniff

joelieberman-sad.jpgAfter his former running mate Al Gore’s endorsement of his rival, Howard Dean, in the race for the Democratic nomination, poor Joe “Losing the Primaries” Lieberman must be feeling pretty low, indeed.
Here are some highlights of this morning’s interview with the Today show’s Matt “Losing My Hair” Lauer:*
First, displaying a bit of trenchant wit, too little, too late:

Lauer: Let’s try and talk about what’s changed. I want to run a clip of something Al Gore said as he announced you as his running mate in 2000.
Lieberman: This’ll be nostalgic.

Displaying a sad sense of betrayal:

Lauer: Four years ago, Al Gore wanted you to be a heartbeat away from the presidency and now he endorses Howard Dean. What happened?
Lieberman: Well, you would have to ask Al because I’m the same person today that I was when he said those very kind things about me.

Finally, some remorse:

Lauer: Just a week ago this is what you had to say about Al Gore, “As president I would turn to him not only for advice but see if he would be interested in holding some high office in my administration. He’s an immensely capable, principled, effective person.” Has that changed now?
Lieberman: I’d say that’s less likely this morning. [Laughter]

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Why would he be mad at Al? I’m sure he’s probably more pissed off at the Jews in Florida who decided that he was so fucking bad they’d rather vote for Buchanan.

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