Movies = Moving Pictures

iraglass.jpgAs if it weren’t easy enough for This American Life creator Ira “L.L. Cool G.” Glass to get laid, he’s gone and added the title “film producer” to his credentials, the better to snare those non-NPR listening groupies.
Glass will be producing Unaccompanied Minors, a film based on a segment of his show. According to Done Deal, the comedy will be about “a child [who] experiences being snowed in and stranded at Chicago’s O’Hare Airport the day after Christmas, along with a lot of other kids from divorced families who spent the holidays flying from one parent to the other.”
Sounds like a film with heart and hardy laughs! It’s Home Alone meets that Wyclef Jean video “Gone Till November.” But will the film be interrupted every 20 minutes for a Public Radio pledge drive?

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What kind of woman would look to Ira Glass for sexual gratification? And vice versa? Probably the kind you can snap like a twig. (I mean emotionally, not physically–but also physically, too.)

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